ROOM Collection: Discover another Level of Flexibility

Having created the ROOM Collection two Swedish designers, Erik Olovsson and Kyuhyung Cho, transformed a traditional idea of relationship between space and objects that can fill it. Made up of 25 stackable pine plywood and veneer blocks finished in matt lacquer this modular furniture system features a variety of geometric voids each of which is inspired by the object it can house. Placed on a low table, the items work just like building blocks familiar to all of us from childhood. Every time you arrange them the way you feel like right now, you get a unique storage unit housing almost anything that can be only imagined: books and boxes, bottles and vases, shoes and accessories, houseplants and fruit, etc.

Whether you want a tall cabinet or a long, low shelf, mix and match all the components or just your favorite ones until there is a perfect sculptural piece meeting your current demands. Having diversified object-space relationship the designers created furniture that could act as rooms for various objects. Having taken a graphical approach Erik and Kyuhyung explored the mix-and-match capability of the item in their own creative manner. On the whole, the ROOM Collection is perfectly able to not only emphasize an interaction between space and object but enhance qualities of that particular object filling that particular space too.


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