Mondana Bag Stool: Ideally Balancing New Concept with Adaptability

Moving and manipulating furniture items around the house sounds more provoking if the considered products are equipped with… straps. Two famous designers, EleonoraBarbareschi and Alessandra Mantovani, decided to make this crazy idea come true. They have raised this concept to an ultimately new level while planning an unconventional chair for Riva Company in 1920. The stool was called Mondana Bag, and it has set the beginning of a new furniture piece and new design.


We are not sure about you, guys, but we enjoy the view of this apparently playful piece even despite the fact that it may not be that comfortable. Balancing veracity and conceptualization, this stool is surely a “fresh” item to show in a living room with a flourish.


Following the designers’ ideas, the main point was to visually clear away a common-use piece (consider the handbag being an icon nowadays) from the natural context it brings and mix it with wood, as a “loyalty to Pop Art”. Produced from stable cedar wood, the chair is naturally accomplished and decorated with leather to contribute to a more genuine look. Besides, sturdiness is inspired by the monolith wood block combined with straps.




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