Hypnotizing Sculptural 3D Abyss Table Created by Duffy London: Feel the Sea Spirit within Your House


Special for LAComfy Discount Furniture Los Angeles

Christopher Duffy, the designer of Duffy London Company, created the Abyss Table, a functional conversation item. But at the time, when the previous studio works play with gravity, the new design is linked to the depth and shows a geological cross-section the same mesmerizing, like the sea. The team spent around a year developing the table in the London office, looking for an ideal combination of Perspex, wood and sculpted glass, displayed as a 3-D representation of a geological map, till they added something hypnotizing that captured Duffy’s imagination from the first moment.


Designer Christopher Duffy explained his vision in a poetic manner: “I was observing the sheets of thick glass in my manufacturer’s factory office and noticed the way the material darkened with the addition of more layers: it reminded me of the sea changing the color while deepening. I had a burning desire to use this concept to replicate an existing part of the earth’s sea bed.” The Abyss Table is created to order in London from natural and sustainable materials in the limited edition of 25 items.


Author Genry Smith, seller of Discount Bedroom Furniture


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