Art Hanging Concepts to Upgrade Your Interior


Ready to update your house up a notch? Forget about purchasing new furniture and accessories; the only thing you need is to take your art to the upper level. The following six ideas can be effective with the art you already own or be created at an affordable price as DIY projects — and everything will be done to add some exclusiveness to your interior.

More Light!

Above: An electrician’s help is not required to add light to your best or just preferable art piece. The illuminating act will attract the attention of your guests and emphasize the uniqueness of your piece making it seem like new just adding soft and dramatic lighting to your space. Picture light that should not necessarily be hard-wired will perfectly suit your interior, so buy it and hang on the wall from the top of the shelf or frame, or do it yourself creating easy to adjust light that would emphasize desirable objects.

Add Visual Exclamation

In the shape of painted on campaign angles, a simple frame color, probably too big mat or frame — something that can be perfectly united with the artistic taste not to overpower it, though to make it bigger and better than the original masterpiece.

Get Nice with Your Corners

Don’t allow these strange and weird spots be artless. You have a chance to make two tiny or diminutive pieces of art sing as you mirror each other in a corner hung position, even having a more attention grabbing, large art piece in the area.

Layer over Windows

Don’t hesitate having an idea to cover a window. Nevertheless, you might consider it counter-intuitive if you’re striving to have maximum light in your house, layering is definitely a sophisticated design trick to add the interest notes to a dwelling. And the light haloing around your art pieces will attract attention.

Go REALLY Leaning and Oversized

Maybe you will not have an opportunity to buy large art, but there is always a chance to DIY on an old flat door or scrap wood that could add a more dramatic look if leaning at the door.

Hang over a Bookcase

Home art exhibition is not limited with walls and appropriate areas, because bookshelves and bookcases are other perfect places to display favorite art.

Though, don’t get constricted to pieces of art fitting within the shelves; give them a special, independent space, hang them over all the other stuff, in front of old books and different items. These steps will help you feel the spirit of art, immerse into this beautiful world and enjoy a sophisticated space right at home.


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