Accessible to Assemble & Store Minimalist Wood Fixed Furniture

Living in overcrowded urban areas requires certain inventiveness in selecting and arranging furniture items to make sure that it not just fits the room but also satisfies the inhabitant’s needs. Lots of space-saving, flat-pack decisions are emerging nowadays, though perhaps none of them is approved to be as simple and exclusive as this one.

Furniture system of StudioGorm’s Wood Peg can be used to design and produce custom furniture adjustments that are quickly disassembled and hung skillfully on the wall.

The parts of the Studio Dorm wood fixes set do not require any tools to be changed, as unique screw-on components are used in this piece. The series of legs, bases and tops of the table provides a basically endless diversity of opportunities for desks, stools, coffee and side tables.

Necessary to clear the space in a minute to play, entertain or make a project? Simply unscrew the pieces and hang them on the specially created peg rail and legs hang. These parts were designed following the traditional Shaker furniture. The set is available in a range of wood tones that vary from oak, walnut, hemlock, etc.

wood-peg-furniture-2 (1)




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