3D-Printed Furniture: Look How Robot Works

This metal mesh furniture represents the first in the world objects fully produced by an industrial robot – 3D printer. Featuring unique intricate structures and complex shapes this furniture is a perfect example of how material can work revealing absolutely new possibilities of creating.

Having programmed an MX3D machine (Autodesk and Acotech employed) to extrude metal in midair and using hardening additives in the process of deploying Dutch designer JorisLaarman ”forged” his Dragon Bench as well as other pieces of 3D-printed furniture to show us all the true potential of sustainable materials (metals in this case).

The MX3D machine he used (a combo of welding and 3D printing) is perfectly able to work with such materials, like steel, stainless steel, bronze, copper and aluminum without employing any supporting structure. Small amounts of molten metal added at a time enable the one engaged in the process to print vertical, horizontal and spiraling lines in mid air. The software used works closely together creating a perfect combination of robot/welding. Eventually, we all (if interested in) will be able to print using CAD directly.

The collection of 3D-printed pieces of furniture currently displayed at Friedman Benda gallery (New York City) also includes a set of table and chairs made of polyurethane, where puzzle pieces were assembled to reveal the finished whole. Precise instructions on furniture creating will be available for free on the Web. This way anyone interested in it will be able to create his/her own constructions even without using such a metal-printing robot.

This technology is not restricted to the idea implemented; the potential of it is limitless. Using similar machines and employing similar techniques we will be able to generate everything from shoes to buildings. As of today, 3D complexity doesn’t seem to be the task challenging to undertake when art and design pieces are concerned.


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